The Sugar Debate

I am currently completing an international “Food as Medicine” course – the UK lecturers used the term “free sugars” to describe the kind of sugars that we need to limit/avoid – with Banting/Keto/Paelo all being such hot topics, most of us are confused by which sugars to eat (fruit?) and which to not!

I really like the term “Free Sugars” – “free sugars are all sugars apart from those found in milk (lactose), whole fruits (fructose with fibre) and whole vegetables.’
(University of Aberdeen, https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/nutrition-wellbeing/9/steps/599433)

This helps simplify it a bit more! Here in South Africa, we tend to call it either “added” or “processed” sugars.

I also found these two infograph resources. Happy reading!
Enjoy those sugars (just not the Free Sugars!)

Thanks The Rooted Project.co.uk for the above graphic!


Thanks to https://thatsugarmovement.com/added-sugar-vs-natural-sugar/ for this useful graphic to help read a label!

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