“Full Circle Wellness has opened my eyes to the benefits of being part of this amazing group! From exciting group training for all fitness levels, to one-on-one specific target training, Claire really offers it all! The motivation and support I’ve received is fantastic, and I would definitely recommend her services. Always keeping me on my toes, and changing things up often to always keep things interesting, she even let’s you know of fun and interesting walking or running events to peak your interest, and gives just the right amount of motivational push to get out of you comfort zone and push yourself to try something new you just may enjoy…and I always do!”

Catherine Williams

“‘I have thoroughly enjoyed my boot-camp session with Full Circle Wellness. They have proven to be a great source of stress release and fun. I leave every class feeling more confident, energized and healthier. I am often amazed at how one hour of boot-camp can alter one’s perception and mood. As a trainer I could not recommend anyone above Claire. She has a great way of making all feel welcome and relaxed in her presence, while ensuring that every single class member is working at a level that is best suited to her ability by providing a range of difficulty levels for an exercise. Thank you Full Circle Wellness, for a healthier, happier and more confident me.”

Bridget Ann Woods

“Full Circle Wellness is my escape from a busy work week. I can enjoy a good work out with a great personal trainer amongst lovely females. Boot camp helps me ease my stress levels while also working out and burning those unwanted calories”

Anique Gilbert

“I really enjoy boot camp classes…it’s pretty much exactly right with regards to difficulty for all different fitness levels. I was a little surprised that my legs were stiff the next day! The different exercises that we do at boot camp are great for me as a runner – I need to work on my core and my arms (they get rather forgotten about when road running).”

Eleanor Mullins

Boot Camp is the perfect group work-out - especially on Mondays it takes away the stress of daily routine. Claire always keeps it interesting and teaches us that exercising is actually great fun. I would recommend it to anybody to try it out (first class is free) and include at least one of these sessions per week into their daily routine. You won’t regret it.

Maria Ross

Fantastic personal training where you know your session has been planned around you and your needs!

Duncan Smit

I had a super time with you yesterday because you educated my mind while you worked on the physical and you have such positive energy. I appreciated knowing why certain exercises were important to me specifically and I like the way you demonstrated how to perform certain exercises properly. I know we have a lot of work to do and for sure it feels a bit daunting, but at the same time, I learned more from you yesterday than I have from all the trainers I have ever been too put together! I also appreciated hearing that you are also on a personal journey and that you have had your setbacks etc. It makes you human, approachable and someone your clients will trust with sharing their own vulnerabilities. What can I say Claire, you are awesome! Today I can feel a little tummy muscle moaning which is pretty cool because it proves that somewhere in there I do have some! Who would have known? Feel free to push me into being as fit as I can be!

Jooles Kilbride

As an ex-dancer, for a long time I struggled to find a form of exercise that would keep me interested, enthusiastic and healthy, until a friend put me in touch with Claire. Boot camp classes may be at the crack of dawn (for me) but I feel so invigorated and happy by the time I leave, that I am ready to tackle my day. Her classes are functional and fun, she assists with injuries or weaknesses by modifying exercises, and she really gives you a great workout! The added bonus? She has encouraged me to focus on other forms of exercise and I am slowly getting trail running which I love.

Pauline Adams

I've been training with Claire for 7 months and her classes have become an important part of my weekly routine. Her energy is contagious! I love starting my day with a win and her motto 'if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you' is so true. My couch potato lifestyle turned into running half marathons with her help. Thanks Claire!

Bronwyn Fuller

Claire of Full Circle Wellness is amazing!! Her classes are always varied and fun while at the same time feeling like a great all round workout. And she is an awesome motivator, keeps you wanting to come back for more!

Abigail Wilson

An awesome exercise class for any age and body type. Great teacher who focuses on you as a whole and helps you build muscle and get the way you want to look.

Victoria Campbell

I have enjoyed Claire's classes tremendously! No matter how tired and awful I feel on arrival, her enthusiasm, care and concern make me feel so much better. Physically I feel so much stronger and now I feel I can do it - so thank you! I love the fact that every class is different - she really changes things up! She is always so well prepared for every class and knows each of our aches and pains and adapts our exercises accordingly. I also love the way she lives up to her name - full circle - encouraging wellness and balance in all aspects of life. Claire, you are a force of nature - I have great respect for what you do.

Jacky Clark