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It is always such a treat to spend healing time with you - your intuitiveness combined with your kinesiology knowledge has resulted in you being a compassionate and effective healer - thank you!

Marlize van Zyl

I feel honoured and blessed to be part of your kinesiology process and the healing I have received from it. I especially feel that the change in my current home situation is a direct result from the healing I've received - I have peace in my home again after two years, thank you Claire! I will definitely be making a follow up appointment again soon!

Heili Ellis

I love training with Claire at Full Circle Wellness! We're always smiling and laughing in her classes, while still working really hard. I started with her 2 years ago and am so happy with the results I'm seeing. And the best part is, Claire is a real person - not some mad fitness fanatic. She knows how to help you make goals that are achievable in your life.

Faeron Wheeler

I have been doing Claire's bootcamp classes once a week for the past 2 years (even during COVID-19), which she has easily and successfully moved online to Zoom! I have both seen and felt improvements in my health, fitness, strength and mental health. I absolutely LOVE the workouts as they vary every single week and keeps me using different muscles in different ways to constantly improve overall core and body strength. Her classes are SO valuable and help me so much with my mental health and in keeping my body active and strong while working from home. She is a such a gem and cares so much about her clients!

Gina Arena

I am so grateful to Claire for keeping me sane during these strange times. Her online classes have been fantastic! It's like she is right there in the room with me - telling me to correct my form or motivating me to keep going and push a little more. You're not just a client, she truly cares about your well-being and helping you reach your goals. It's a full hour of intense workouts but I would totally recommend it!

Tara-Lea Finlay

As a member of the retired community, it took me a while to get the hang of online classes with Claire. I felt that I would miss out on that personal interaction and encouragement. However, much to my surprise, I am now totally converted to the online classes!! I love the flexibility of getting up a little later (so as not having to factor in travel time), as well as being able to stick my load of washing on at the same time as my class and knowing it will be done when my class finishes. Even though Claire has now opened up in-person classes I have only gone back once – still preferring to exercise at home. And as for the personal encouragement and interaction, that is still there online and Claire does not miss a thing with her ladies! She corrects our posture and sees when we get the exercise wrong and is constantly encouraging us when we show good form. In addition, she always picks up when we are not working to our full potential so you can’t get away with being lazy online! I just love your online classes Claire!

Alayne Mannion

Claire of Full Circle Wellness is amazing!! Her classes are always varied and fun while at the same time feeling like a great all round workout. And she is an awesome motivator, keeps you wanting to come back for more!

Abigail Wilson

Claire does fantastic work! I am currently doing things in the class I never thought I could do! Firstly, being at a class at 6 am and then running around the block! In the Running Class, I nearly manage to run all three rounds completely now! The advice about the bone broth & collagen was great for my foot pain - thank you so much!

Marianne Skinner

"I have enjoyed Claire's classes tremendously! No matter how tired and awful I feel on arrival, her enthusiasm, care and concern make me feel so much better. Physically I feel so much stronger and now I feel I can do it - so thank you! I love the fact that every class is different - she really changes things up! She is always so well prepared for every class and knows each of our aches and pains and adapts our exercises accordingly. I also love the way she lives up to her name - full circle - encouraging wellness and balance in all aspects of life. Claire, you are a force of nature - I have great respect for what you do."

Jacky Clark

"Claire of Full Circle Wellness is amazing!! Her classes are always varied and fun while at the same time feeling like a great all round workout. And she is an awesome motivator, keeps you wanting to come back for more!"

Abigail Wilson

"I've been training with Claire for 7 months and her classes have become an important part of my weekly routine. Her energy is contagious! I love starting my day with a win and her motto 'if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you' is so true. My couch potato lifestyle turned into running half marathons with her help. Thanks Claire!"

Bronwyn Fuller

"As an ex-dancer, for a long time I struggled to find a form of exercise that would keep me interested, enthusiastic and healthy, until a friend put me in touch with Claire. Boot camp classes may be at the crack of dawn (for me) but I feel so invigorated and happy by the time I leave, that I am ready to tackle my day. Her classes are functional and fun, she assists with injuries or weaknesses by modifying exercises, and she really gives you a great workout! The added bonus? She has encouraged me to focus on other forms of exercise and I am slowly getting trail running which I love."

Pauline Adams

How can the "full circle" approach to wellness help you find balance?

Through non invasive & proven methods, Full Circle Wellness will help you balance the 3 elements of wellness - Mental, Chemical & Structural. Optimal health begins with balance!

Start your full circle journey TO BALANCE


Full Circle Wellness offers group fitness classes, with each session focusing on a combination of strength training & cardio-vascular improvement. Special emphasis is placed on functional training principles, incorporating the methods of Pilates, isolation training & balance work.

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Nutrition is more than just eating healthy foods– nutrition is not what we eat, but what our cells and tissues actually receive. Full Circle Wellness offers consultations that provide nutritional guidelines to support optimal health & healing.

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Specialised Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that uses muscle testing to work with what may be causing ‘imbalances’ in the body. When we are under stress, either mentally, emotionally or physically, our body talks to us through symptoms or "dis-ease".

How can Kinesiology help you?