Question: how do I get rid of tummy fat?

One of our Facebook followers posted this question on our page:
“How do I get rid of some tummy fat. I weigh less than when I got married but I still have belly rolls. Yes, I have had 3 kids and am genetically apple shaped. Should I give up or is there a way?”

We answered!

“Thanks for your question! Unfortunately, tummy fat is one of the hardest areas to lose weight. In my experience the best results are seen with changes to the diet (vs increasing your exercise). While exercise is important, the biggest changes should be to your diet include more (wholegrains, less refined foods, decrease your sugar intake etc.). When exercising, your body will only start to burn fat (not carbs or sugar) afer 40mins or so, so make sure your cardio sessions are longer and at a steady pace (than shorter but more intense). Ensure you add some resistance/weight training to your work-out (muscle burns calories faster than fat, so by increasing your muscle tone, your body is able to burn fat faster!)

In short, make eating healthy 70% of your focus, with the remaining 30% on endurance cardio and resistance sessions of more than 40mins in length.

There is a lot of rubbish about losing belly fat on the web, but I’ve found you a reliable source here for some more info: http://www.wikihow.com/Lose-Belly-Fat (what they are saying is correct).

Keep yourself motivated by measuring your waist line (the narrowest part of your body) and your hip (widest part, including your bum) every 2 weeks to see your progress! Good luck and let me know how it goes!”

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