Question: besides going to a gym – what are some other ways to stay fit during winter (and other rainy days)?

One of our reader’s Tam, posted the following question: “Besides going to a gym – what are some other ways to stay fit during winter (and other rainy days)?”

Good question Tam! I think all of us feel pretty unmotivated to train during a cold and wintery day. We also tend to neglect exercise because we are wearing 3 jersey’s and bikini season (and baring some skin) is the furthest thought on away our minds!

Firstly, let’s tackle the issue of motivation:
– enlist the help of a buddy and make a commitment to one another to train together. You will be less likely to let your friend down than yourself and will feel bad about skipping out on training to drink hot chocolate under the duvet!
– find a fun, sociable exercise class in your area – think ballet, boot camp or belly dancing! Anything that gets you moving. When you enjoy what you are doing, you will be less likely to skip it. Also you won’t want to miss your weekly gossip catch up with the rest of the class! (Full Circle Wellness is running a boot camp series for June in the Southern Suburbs. More info here).
– set a goal that you want to reach come the start of Summer (run a 10km, perform 25 push-ups etc.) and keep this goal in mind when it’s dark and rainy and you are not in the mood!
– if you are really struggling, consider the help of a personal trainer. Even a once off session with a trainer can get you amped enough to carry your motivation through winter! (Full Circle Wellness is offering a 10% discount on personal training sessions for June. More info here).

Let’s now look at some ways to stay fit without using the gym:
– here is a really cute article on exercising to do at home, during your daily routine: http://www.health24.com/fitness/General/16-4634,74317.asp. (However, please note that while these exercises promote strength and toning, unless you are already following a balanced cardio and strength programme and eating well, it’s unlikely to have much effect!) But they are still fun to try!
– here is a great “at-home” boot camp style class that you can do in your lounge. I love the videos and the exercises are clearly explained: http://www.motleyhealth.com/fitness/20-minute-home-workout

In my personal experience, the best way to stay fit in Winter is to get a dog! They need to be run/walked almost daily and a little bit of rain doesn’t seem bother them. Good dog owners have no choice but to get out for a regular walk/run – no matter what the weather! 🙂

Thanks for your question Tam, please let me know if you have any questions on the above or need more information.

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