From the 11th October 2021, Full Circle Wellness will be re-starting some of our physical classes at the 1st Meadowridge Scout Hall!
For more information on our Class Rates & Group Time Table – click here

We are looking forward to welcoming some of you back face-to-face – we’ve missed you!

Please note: this time-table is subject to change as the year develops, regarding the infection rates/client interest

COVID19 protocols apply – please see below for more details!


  • Hand Sanitiser & Temperature Screening: this will take place at the entrance to the hall before each class. I keep a digital register of attendance, should we need to present trace evidence.
  • Masks: All clients will be required to wear a mask when arriving and leaving class. Clients who want to exercise without a mask may only remove their mask when situated on their gym mats (NO WALKING AROUND/USING THE BATHROOM WITH NO MASK – PLEASE NO EXCEPTIONS)!
  • Space Between Mats: All clients will be required to place their gym mat approx. 1.8m away from another client. Where there is space, we can increase this more. I am not going to take on any new clients until we all feel comfortable with the current configuration in the hall.
  • Equipment: All clients will be required to bring their own gym mat & a pair of 3kg-5kg weights to each class to prevent cross-contamination. Currently NO circuit training will be permitted!
  • Bags & Water bottles: please leave your bags by the front entrance to the hall adequate space apart (and not on the table); water breaks will happen while sitting on your mat (i.e. limiting our movement during the class & keeping distance apart from each other).
  • Clients who have travelled/been in an airport or hospital, have possibly come into contact with COVID19 or are not feeling well are please requested to refrain from attending physical classes for at least 10 days under WHO recommendations. Please rather make up the class at another time or attend an online class instead!In the event of a high COVID19 transmission rate/Lockdown, all classes as per the Group Schedule will available online (this decision is at the discretion of Full Circle Wellness Pty Ltd in accordance with suggested Government Protocols)


  • All clients who wish to attend physical classes must complete and return via email this covid19 transmission indemnity form available here
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