Fun Fitness Ideas: Pole Dancing

With Winter having the potential to lay waste to many a planned running or gym session (it’s hard to motivate yourself to get to the gym when it’s cold and rainy!), I’ve decided to blog on some fun alternatives to staying fit during the colder months!

Full Circle Wellness shares our studio space with The Scar-lit Box Pole Dancing Studio (check out their Facebook page here or website here). With sporting officials seriously considering entering pole dancing into the Olympic Games (read more here), pole dancing is moving away from it’s controversial, eye-brow raising status to being recognised as a serious sport that builds endurance, muscle and flexibility – and you get to have a few laughs and feel sexy as well! Sounds like a recipe for a successful fitness programme if you ask me! With scheduled classes that you can take with your girlfriends, you’ll be less likely to bunk class knowing you have your ladies waiting for you and chances are you’ll have such a good time you won’t notice you’re exercising!

For more motivation on why to incorporate pole dancing into your fitness regime, read this article here from Miss Scar-lit Hearts herself!

Check out Scar-lit Box’s current pole-dancing class schedule here, or contact Genevieve Eyre on the details below:

T: 072 275 6964
E: [email protected]
W: www.thescarlitbox.co.za

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