Exercising in Lockdown | Precautions

There seem to be quite a few fitness trainers going back to work in these strange (and dangerous) times… for those of you asking why/if/when Full Circle Wellness will be re-opening, here are the updated legal rules and regulations under level 3 amendments:

“Dlamini-Zuma also clarified the issue of exercising in groups in her directive.

The rules have been updated to allow for exercise between the hours of 06h00 to 18h00, provided that the exercise is not done in organised groups of more than four people, and adheres to health protocols and social distancing measures. (THIS MEANS WEARING A DOUBLE LAYERED MASK)

The directive also indicates that the following restrictions will remain in place:

Gyms and fitness centres remain closed;
Sports grounds and fields and swimming pools remain closed, except for training of professional athletes and non -contact sports matches as referred to in regulation and contact sports for training only;”

Full Circle Wellness will remain offering online sessions INDEFINITELY until it 100% safe for clients to return to physical classes – people before profit

PS I encourage everyone to read about the DANGERS of exercising in public, taking aerobic and cardiovascular function into account when considering the spread of the illness here (tip stay at least 5m away from others when walking, 10m with easy, slow biking and 20m away with hard cycling)



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