Dream Sheets 2019

At the start of every year, I ask my clients to complete (and decorate if they feel  inclined!) a Dream Sheet – this is the idea that before the start of the new year’s “busy-ness”, we take some time to reflect on the year that was and how in moving forward we can make positive improvements for a better life!

Clients are asked to pick a word that they feel sums up the year ahead that they want to live/a word that will change their year ahead for the better! (for example, my word this year is NO! – I am saying no to others to say yes to myself! Clients are further asked to write down a fairly abstract and achievable fitness goal that they want to work towards for the year  and how they hope to measure it/achieve it (for example, my goal is to be more consistent with my training and I am now keeping weekly logs of my work outs for a monthly review!)

Feel like something you want to do? DOWNLOAD YOUR DREAM SHEET HERE and make 2019 your “20-MINE-teen!”


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