Corporate Wellness Packages

Are you a HR manager that recognises the importance of health & wellness among your staff? Are you a Director that wants to promote employee team building and at the same time reduce sick leave and bad attitudes?

Corporate wellness has been proven to promote productivity, improve employee internal relations and attitudes, as well as reduce absenteeism. Full Circle Wellness offers your company the opportunity to “give back” to your employees in a life-changing way, and at the same time improve your business dynamics.

We at Full Circle Wellness firmly believe that healthy and happy employees make productive and better employees! We applaud you for taking an interest in your employee’s wellness!

Full Circle Wellness can offer the following to corporate companies:

Hourly physical fitness sessions in the style of “boot camp” for small or large groups of employees. These fitness sessions promise to promote physical and mental wellness, as well as incorporate a team building aspect, all integral in maintaining employee wellness within the company. Available as a “once-off team building opportunity” or regularly exercise sessions.
– Regular or ad-hoc Wellness Workshops which can provide fitness & lifestyle assessments, nutritional advice & presentations, as well as corporate wellness management tips.

For more information and approximate costs, please  contact [email protected]


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